Platform PRO


Designed to:

  • Provide a safe, working surface at the top of your 24- foot extension ladder that makes your high level jobs easier to accomplish.
  • Be Easily Assembled to Your Extension Ladder by:
    • Laying Your Extension Ladder on its back .
    • Removing the aluminum rods from Platform PRO® by loosening the
      thumb screw in each of two collars; and then removing the collars on
      each rod.
    • Aligning Platform PRO® (on its side) with its aluminum rails on the
      outside of your extension ladder’s top two rungs.
    • Reinserting the two Aluminum rods through the Platform PRO®’s rail,
      then through the hollow ladder rung; and finally through the opposite
      Platform PRO® rail.
    • Replacing the two steel collars onto the two aluminum rods; and securing
      with the two thumb screws.
  • Be Easily Erected by:
    • Standing your extension ladder up; and leaning the Platform PRO®’s
      crutch tips or padded bumper rail against a wall.

Weight: 4.7 kg

Dimensions: 56 x 58.5 x 10.1 cm


For Assembly instructions, please go here.