Weekly Rental Rates:
     BEDESK*                                                            $50.00
     Mirror Assembly                                                 $20.00
     Prone Positioner                                                 $30.00
                  * Face Foam not provided with BEDESK Rental

Purchase Prices:
BEDESK                                                            $750.00
       Mirror Assembly                                               $150.00
       *Face Foam                                                        $25.00

Leasing Options for Above Items:
        Three (3) Month Lease                                     $450.00
        Six (6) Month Lease                                         $620.00
        Nine (9) Month Lease                                       $730.00
        Twelve (12) Month Lease                                  $800.00

Platform PRO® Face-Down BEDESK

 Product Description:

The Platform PRO Face-Down BEDESK was designed for patients following Vitrectomy eye surgery.  This procedure requires a face down position for many hours per day for a period of time as directed by the physician.  The BEDESK was designed to provide comfort and relief during this recovery period.

Many factors were taken into consideration in the design of the BEDESK.  It will become a true friend during recovery from Vitrectomy eye surgery.  As the name suggests it is part bed and part desk.  The desk or shelf section is set at the height that most individuals use to read or work on their mobile devices.  This height is also ideal for viewing TV using the available Mirror Assembly.

The BEDESK allows the user to provide his own comfortable chair for sitting at the fixture.  It is adjustable up or down about 2 inches to accommodate people of various heights.  The fixture shelf is also adjustable over a 5 inch span up or down.


BEDESK Construction:

The BEDESK is made mainly of aluminum except for the Face Foam.   It is simple and compact, occupies only 1.3 sq. ft. of floor space and is shipped to your home completely  assembled.